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How to Make Time for Workouts When You Don’t Have Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

College is a busy time. Between assignments, extracurriculars and maintaining a social life, finding the time to work out can be hard. Here are some ways to work this time for yourself into your schedule.

Get motivated.

The first workout is the hardest. But, by making the choice to fit a workout into your busy day, you are overcoming that difficult obstacle. You are showing up for yourself and committing to that goal. 

To get motivated, you must make it a priority in your everyday life to make a change in your routine. Fitness should be something you love to do — although it might not be this way at first. Your fitness routine will grow to be something you cannot go a day without. 

I try to motivate myself by going on social media and watching videos of different workouts that fitness influencers teach to their niche audience. I go to Tik Tok and Instagram to find healthy recipes, workout routines and wellness tips. 

What needs to be changed?

The main part of your routine that needs to change is your motivation. If you are motivated to work out and you make these health and fitness goals a reality, you can fit any type of workout into your day. There are so many different types of workouts that can fit into your personal schedule so you get at least 30 minutes in one day. 

Prioritize waking up early.

No matter how busy your day might be, I believe there are so many benefits to waking up early. This task can be hard for some people — especially those who have the tendency to stay up all night. I promise that when you consistently start waking up at an early time, your body will begin to appreciate it and you will not be able to sleep in anymore.

By waking up at an earlier time, it gives you the opportunity to fit in a workout before you start your busy day. This can include going on a walk, doing a home workout or going for a bike ride. There are so many things that qualify as an exercise that some may push away if they do not see it involving weights at the gym. 

What kind of exercise schedule is best?

Each day does not have to look the same. Make sure you are committing to a workout during your busy work week based on your daily schedule. If you cannot fit in time to go to the gym, this is still okay. There are many ways to burn calories from the comfort of your own home. 

Each week schedule your workouts into your calendar based on each day you have ahead. This can also determine the type of workout you are participating in and the time of day that you need to wake up. 

Practice your New Routine.

When you commit to starting this routine, practice makes perfect. The first few weeks will be the hardest to get through since it is something both you and your body are not used to. After the first few weeks, this new routine will become second nature to you and become a strict part of your everyday routine. 

Create your “why!”

One thing that should motivate you the most when trying to fit exercise into your schedule is your “why.” Create a list of both goals and reasons as to why you feel you need to change your body and routine.

Becoming a healthier version of yourself should not be difficult, it should be something everyone strives to achieve.

I am a Junior at Penn State studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. I love fashion, food, and anything beauty-related which can be found a common trend throughout my articles.