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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

It is important to practice habits to pull ourselves out of a slump or to help us when we are not feeling our best. Especially being at college away from our homes and families, I tend to feel a little more isolated.

These are certain tips that I have gathered over time that particularly help me when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or simply in a mood that I can’t pull myself out of. 

Take a Shower 

This type of shower in particular is a little different than your average shower. As you stand under the water after a bad day, a few days, or even a week, imagine the water washing away every drop of negativity that you hold.

As you scrub your body and hair, picture in your mind anything that may be weighing you down flowing down the drain. You would be surprised how effective practicing this mindfulness combined with a few deep breaths can be. 

Organize your space & mind

Picking up just a few items around your bedroom or apartment can help to feel better. It doesn’t have to be a cleaning frenzy where you try to reorganize your entire closet, but simply changing your sheets or taking out the trash can do wonders.

If this doesn’t work for you, organization doesn’t need to include decluttering your desk or the drawers in your bathroom. While that type of organization also can feel better, going through the desktop of my computer or organizing the apps on my home screen can also help to make me feel less overwhelmed.

Listen to Music

Feeling like you’re in a rut is especially frustrating when the music you usually love doesn’t hit like it’s supposed to. This can feel defeating because you can’t find the perfect playlist or song to match your mood, which always feels annoying. To remedy this I like to either deep dive into Spotify or go on TikTok for recommendations of new artists and songs. 

It is different for everyone, but acknowledging that you are not feeling your best and listening to chill or sad music can actually ease a bad mood. Included below is one of my playlists for when I am in a bad mood.


I am not saying that you need to have an energized, full body workout in order to pull yourself out of a slump. Putting on a cute workout outfit and taking a simple walk either on the treadmill or outside can really help boost your mood.

Coming from someone who tries to stick to a regular gym schedule, there have been weeks where all I can do is walk, and it feels much better than trying to force myself to stay on schedule. 

Set Little Goals

By not attempting to take on too much and setting little goals throughout the day, you truly can make positive steps towards feeling better. Having too much to do can feel overwhelming, but making lists of little tasks to make you feel productive while still being mindful of not feeling yourself can help significantly. 

Trying to stick to some of your daily routine tasks, like making your bed in the morning or doing the dishes, can give you those small wins and can easily boost confidence. 

Be Patient

It takes both patience and time. I always say that a bad mood comes in waves. You most likely won’t be able to instantly pull yourself out of feeling slumped and it is important to recognize that it takes time to heal.

Don’t force yourself to listen to happy music just because you want to feel it. Recognizing that you are not feeling your best and not pushing yourself too hard to continue your usual routine is important.

But stopping to take care of yourself is the only thing that will help you. 

“The second that you stop getting in your own way, and you’re kind to yourself, and you’re graceful with yourself, it’s crazy to see how you blossom and what you can find out.”

Emma Chamberlain
Junior at Penn State University majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business, and Entrepreneurship.