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Next fall, I will begin my senior year of college, which is so crazy to think about. It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm to start my freshman year.

Going into senior year means that this upcoming summer is officially my last summer break.

While I’m sad this will be my last official summer break, I plan on doing a lot to make it as memorable as it can be.

Going to france

My boyfriend is from Paris and this summer I finally get to go with him to visit the city, something I am beyond excited about.

This will likely be the best thing that I do all summer (probably all year, to be honest).

During the trip, I want to try every possible food item, because I know they will be nothing like I can get in America and I don’t know when I’ll be back again.

We are also visiting Normandy since his grandparents own a beach house there, which will be cool to see.

We’ve both been making a list of things we want to do while we’re in France, so this trip will make my last summer break memorable.

spend time with my sister

I have a little sister who is 10 years younger than me, and some of my most cherished moments with her happened during the summer. Whether it’s going to the pool, getting a sweet treat or going for a walk, these memories last a lifetime.

This summer, I want to do everything that she wants to do.

During the summer, she often asks me to go out and do stuff, but I often say no because admittedly I can be lazy and sometimes don’t feel like going out. Looking back after the fact, I find myself feeling guilty because she’s just a kid and obviously can only go out in the summer if I take her somewhere.

My goal for this summer is to tell her yes more often to make our last summer break together as fun as possible.

go to the beach

Every summer my family and I go to the Jersey Shore for a long weekend, which is always so fun.

My favorite part of this trip is waking up to watch the sunrise on the beach and collecting sea shells, which my sister will later decorate with glitter and paint.

This summer is going to be the first time my boyfriend comes with us to the beach so I’m excited to show him around.

Playing games and riding rides on the boardwalk with my little sister will also be super fun, but overall I’m simply looking forward to the warm days ahead.

Visit penn state
Penn State Old Main
Original photo by Emma Wesolowski

Luckily for me, my lease remains active during the summer since I will be living in the same place for next school year.

This means, any time I want to come visit State College I will have somewhere to stay.

I think everyone gets the itch during the summer to take a spontaneous trip when they get bored sitting around at home. For me, State College will be my home away from home.

No matter what you decide to do this summer or where you’ll be, try to take time to relax and soak up the sun! We all deserve it after a long school year.

Caroline is a third-year student at Penn State studying digital and print journalism with a minor in digital media trends and analytics. When she is not doing school work or writing for HER Campus @ PSU, she is at the gym, watching YouTube, cooking/ baking, or hanging out with friends.