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How to Effectively Spend Your Wellness Days

Instead of a spring break this semester, we have been given one wellness day a month to take a step back from all of our classes. 


As of right now, we have one wellness day remaining on April 7. In my opinion, these random days off do not replace the relief spring break brings us, but we’ve got to make the best of these wellness days if we want to survive this semester. 


Here are a few ways you can spend your wellness days so you don’t burn out before the semester ends.

Work out

Trying to balance school, relationships, and your health all at the same time can be exhausting and near impossible. I often find myself throwing my physical health on the backburner when too much is on my plate. 


Take this day off to get back in tune with your body. Go on a walk or run, find a YouTube workout, or do some yoga. Getting your body moving can be hard at first, but the feeling of accomplishment afterward is unmatched. You’ll feel great about doing something good for yourself and you’ll feel more motivated to move forward in the rest of your day.

Sleep in

I think I can speak for many when I say my sleep schedule is basically nonexistent. There is the constant pressure to stay up late to make sure all of your assignments are done and to keep studying for your next exam. 


At the same time, we have to wake up bright and early for our classes — the cycle never seems to end. Go to bed the night before and don’t set an alarm for the next morning. You’ll be able to wake up peacefully when your body wants you to, and you’ll feel better about tackling the rest of the week.

Catch up on homework

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most ideal way to spend a day off, but sometimes it has to be done. If you have a big assignment coming up, start it now so you aren’t as overwhelmed later.


Or, if you’ve missed a Zoom lecture or two, find some time to watch the recordings on Canvas. Use this day to take charge of your academics before they start slipping a little too far out of reach.

Check in on a loved one

When I’m busy and stressed about school, I always forget to check in with those I love. Give your family a call if you’re away from home, or grab lunch with a friend you’ve missed. 


People in your life love to know you’re still thinking about them and will appreciate you putting in the effort to reach out. With the day off you’ll have more time to have a longer conversation about how you and your loved ones are doing, and you’ll have a refreshing break from the reality that is constant schoolwork.

Have fun

If you really need a break from the mundane student life, plan at least one fun thing to do during your wellness day. Plan a movie marathon with your friends, dress up and go to a restaurant you’ve never been to, or go to the Nittany Mall and have yourself a little shopping spree. You deserve to have a happy, fun day. 


How ever you choose to spend your wellness day is up to you. Try your best to use it effectively and make it a good day.

Spending the day stressing will not help you; it will only make it more challenging to keep pushing forward as the semester progresses. Set yourself up for an effective wellness day for when the next one comes around. You got this!

Jackie Maese is a senior at Penn State majoring in Telecommunications and Theater Studies. If she's not writing at her laptop, you can probably find her cooking up a masterpiece, petting a dog, or eating a New Jersey bagel.