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How To Come Back From Spring Break Motivated To Finish Out The Year

Spring break has come and gone. It’s a wonderful time when you could relax, sleep in and not have to worry about doing any schoolwork. Lots of students went away on trips during spring break to really make the most of it. But those glorious 10 days are over and now the hard grind of the semester starts.

I know nobody wants to think about school work over break but sometimes if it’s going to be a rough next few weeks back for you and you know it. You gotta prepare. So here are some tips for how to come back from spring break motivated to finish the rest of the semester:


Make a timeline

Finals week feels like a truck of assignments is hitting you all at once and you’re just a pile of stress. In order to avoid this and feel a little more on top of what is ahead of you, make a timeline of what is due when. This gives you a look into the future so you’re not blindsided and can prepare early to do your best.


Think about the points

Most final projects and tests are worth a decent percent of our grade. To stay motivated to be on task, remind yourself of how much these things are really worth so that you put the appropriate amount of time into them.


Good alternatives to procrastination

When you just would rather be doing anything else but homework, find a productive way to procrastinate. You could make a healthy meal prep, burn some energy by exercising or clean up around your apartment. This still makes it feel like you’re doing something productive even though you might not be doing what you’re supposed to.


Go outside

In the spring, it gets so nice outside and everyone is just itching to be in the nice weather and enjoy it. Being outside could put you in a better mood where you wouldn’t feel as bad doing your work.


Still make the most of it

This is still going to be the last semester of whatever year you are so have fun and make sure you make the most of your time. You’re only in college once so take advantage of it.

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