Give Yourself A Salon Quality Manicure

I recently stumbled upon a product that I was excited to try and wanted to report my finding to all the other nail polish addicts out there.

I love having my nails done, and I love having pretty nails. I honestly cannot stand it when my nails are not painted. The downside to this is that regular polish is annoying, it takes forever to dry, it chips and peels easy and never stays on for more than a few days in my experience. On the other hand, having your nails done every few weeks at the nails salon can cost a pretty penny.

After going to the nail salon recently and spending about $40 on a gel manicure, I decided to see if there were any products out there that I could buy that would give me the same salon quality results I was looking for, without the salon price. I am happy to say I have discovered my holy grail of nail polish.

I came upon a gel nail polish called Gelish and after reading some reviews I decided to try it.

After testing the Gelish polish some of the benefits are..

  • They have over 170 different colors to choose from

  • Every application lasts a solid two weeks before you start to see some wear and tear

  • It’s extremely easy to apply and fast drying with a LED light.

  • Not to mention it makes your nails look oh so pretty.


However, this product does come with some drawbacks.

  • This product, much like other gel polishes, does take toll on your nails. When you take the polish off your nails will be slightly damaged and a little dry and brittle.

  • Minimum of three coats. For this product to work you must apply a base coat, at least one coat of color, and a top coat, so doing your nails with this product is a little time consuming.


I have been using Gelish for over three months now and overall I love this nail polish. It always gives me two to three weeks’ worth of wear from one application and is so easy to apply, I also think it will be more cost effective in the long run than going to the nail salon. So heads up for all the nail polish addict like me, this might just be a holy grail for you too.