DIY Valentine's Gifts for Your SO

As a college student, who has money to buy your honey an expensive Valentines Day gift? I’m a seriously broke college student and all I want is to get my boyfriend something super sweet this year, so here are some of the best ideas I found in my search:


1. A gift basket

One idea I had that’s really cheap but can also be really cute is a DIY gift basket! It’s pretty easy to make: Just go to a local store and pick up a basket (or even Amazon Prime it) and then pick up some nice chocolates and some of his favorite candies and you’re set! Maybe even buy a bow and tie it on the basket at the top to make it look cuter. As long as you overflow the basket, your boyfriend will love it - and afterward, you guys can go crazy and eat it all! This shouldn’t cost more than $30, so if you want to spend a little more maybe add a nice T-shirt or hat in the basket.  


2. A picture frame


Another idea, which I actually got for my boyfriend this year for Valentine’s Day, is a picture frame. I ordered a pre-made picture frame from and it only cost $25! The one I ordered was a glossy and frame-free photo panel, which actually makes the picture look more put together. If you want to go cheaper than this, you can also just order a photo online or get it printed at your local photo store and then buy your own frame.  Frames can cost as little as $5, so I recommend doing that if you want an even cheaper option!


3. A stuffed animal

One cute idea that I thought of is getting a stuffed animal for your Valentine. Not just a regular stuffed animal, but one for him AND one for you - matching stuffed animals! I ordered these cute matching stuffed teddy bears that are wearing shirts that say “Snuggle Buddy” on them.  Give this to your boyfriend and he’ll have a “snuggle buddy” when you aren’t there to snuggle with him!


4. A surprise dinner

If you don’t have any dinner plans with your boyfriend yet, make the gift for him a surprise dinner! Go to a grocery store on the way to his place and pick up ingredients for a meal and cook for him. This can be really cheap and fun, but if you want to spend a little extra, make him a nice steak and buy a dessert too! You can get really creative with this idea so definitely give it a try.


5. See a movie

The new 50 Shades of Grey movie is out and movie tickets are pretty cheap, so why not bring your Valentine to the movies? Grab some popcorn and other snacks too, and it’s sure to be a really nice date. (I’m sure a lot of other couples are thinking of doing the same thing so make sure to show up to the movie early!)