Girl Scout Cookie

Dear Girl Scouts of State College

Dear Girl Scouts of State College, 


Before I begin my message I would like to praise how business savvy you girls are. I admire your tenacity in the cookie industry, no one manipulates the public with their childlike innocence quite like you. I have been a Thin Mints fan for many years and recently found a love for Samoas too. Unfortunately this is not a letter of praise, this is a call out. 


I have noticed, along with many others a lack of cookies this February. Every morning I wake up and walk past your usual selling hotspots and find myself disappointed. Why, Girl Scouts of State College, why? Are you afraid of the cold or are you waiting to pounce during finals week? 


I tried reaching out to your scout leader and I have yet to receive any response. So I took it upon myself to do some independent research to get to the bottom of where my Tag-A-Longs are. Sources say that the cookie selling season starts January 1st and ends mid-April. I cannot express how upset the good students of PSU would be if we had to wait two more months for our Do-Si-Dos.


You could say i’m writing to you because im craving the goodness of some Trefoils but in reality i’m looking out for you girls. From one femenist to another, get that dough, collect the coin, make that money. 



A Lifelong Supporter