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I have never particularly enjoyed fitness activities - running especially - but, after these past few months without a gym to attend, I have begun running outdoors. Although I have always hated running in the past, it has now become my favorite form of exercise. 


During the pandemic, especially, I think it is even more important for people to get outside and be active. 


Whether you go for a walk or a run, here are 5 ways to better enjoy your time during any physical activity. 

Listen to a Podcast

Personally, I enjoy starting my daily run with a news podcast. These types of podcasts can be entertaining because they keep you informed on current political and social events in the world. 

A favorite podcast of mine to listen to is Pod Save America, which kept me up to date on everything about the 2020 election.

Create a Good Playlist

Music can determine your mood during a workout, which is why good music is an important factor while exercising. 


Try compiling a playlist of all your favorite songs, and if any of them make you feel upbeat, then add it to your workout mix!

Create an Incentive

As a way to ensure that I workout, I reward myself with a drink from Starbucks at the end of my run. This gives me something to look forward to at the beginning of my run, and pushes me to work harder towards the end.

Make Goals During Your Workout

Achieving your goals can be a great way to ensure that you continue to workout. A first goal can simply be to run for a minute longer, or go to two exercise classes a week. 


Whatever your goals may be, once you achieve them, it will only push you to work harder and surpass even more goals that you may create in the future.

Workout With Friends 

Exercising with other people helps to hold you accountable to your scheduled workouts, but it’s also more fun! Additionally, there are a lot of forms of exercise that can be done in groups, so the options are astronomical.

I hope this encourages you to stay healthy and happy! Be well, collegiettes!

Junior, Film major and Women's Studies minor
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