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Best Holiday Gifts to Help People Have a Healthier New Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

We all know the iconic Peloton Gift Video, where a husband gifted his wife a workout bike for the holidays. This ad received a ton of backlash, as many people insinuated that the husband thought the wife would have to change or that it was not meaningful. 

With this, I do not necessarily think it is a bad thing to give a gift that could help a friend or family member improve their well-being. I think there are a lot of gifts that encourage a healthier lifestyle, without being weight or image based. With this, here are some gifts to keep people happy and healthy. 


Hydroflask is a cute and trendy gift that everyone could enjoy. They have a variety of bottle shapes and sizes that can be unique to every person in your life. Giving a Hydroflask can encourage people to drink more water and be more sustainable, which can improve the health of someone special. Also, order some stickers to make your order more personal. 

Milk Cosmetics 

Milk Cosmetics is a vegan, clean makeup brand. I personally love Milk, and my favorite product of theirs is the Kush Mascara. Gifting someone some fun Milk Products helps introduce the value of clean beauty for the environment. Additionally, fun makeup can help boost someone’s confidence and give them some fun inspiration for New Year’s Eve makeup. 

A Gift Card to a Salon or Spa

A healthy lifestyle can begin with self-care. Giving someone a gift card to either get their nails done or even a massage can be a great act of letting someone relax. Also, instead of a gift card you can offer to go with the person you are gifting it to and pay for it there. This way you can bolster friendship and do something nice for the other person and yourself. 

Squatty Potty 

Everyone loves a good gag gift for the holidays. A squatty potty would be a great gift for your friends with “hot girl stomach problems.” Squatty Pottys help promote better digestive health, which can greatly help the health of people you care about. 

Trader Joe’s Gift Card 

Personally, this is an underrated gift. My go-to gift for any occasion is a beautiful bouquet of Trader Joe’s Flowers and a gift card to the grocery store. This can help an individual have the funds and option to get whatever they want from the grocery store. This is not suggestive that they have to eat a specific diet or get an item, but it helps them access quality food from a beloved store. 

In conclusion, the holidays are a time to kick back and celebrate. The New Year brings forward resolutions for the people around you who want to be better, whether that’s mentally or physically. Ultimately, give the gift that will help them feel happier and healthier.

Health Policy and Administration student at Pennsylvania State University.