9 Stages Of Waiting For Winter Break, As Told By Animals

Winter break is one of the most important breaks of the year - it’s long, relaxing and gives students a chance to unwind after a stressful semester back at school. It can be difficult to transition from school with your friends to home with your family, but once you do, winter break seems to speed by. Now that we're back from Thanksgiving break, it seems like that time is so close yet so far. Nothing describes your post-Thanksgiving mood while also making you feel a little bit better about the wait quite like cute, fluffy animals. So, here is what the lead-up to winter break is like, as told by animals:


1. When you’re chilling after Thanksgiving break and you realize finals are in two weeks


2. When you realize how screwed you are from procrastinating


3. When you calculate the percentage you need on your finals to pass your classes


4. When you start studying like a crazy person so you don’t fail all your classes


5. When your roommate doesn’t have as many finals and makes a lot of noise while you’re trying to study


6. When you finally get to the weekend but you remember you have to keep studying


7. When finals week finally hits and you’re full of caffeine, stress and regrets


8. When you walk out of your last exam and you’re finally free


9. When you finally get to leave State College until January


Regardless of how much you procrastinated over Thanksgiving break, you’ll definitely ace your finals. Good luck and have a great break, collegiettes!