8 Essentials For Surviving The Mid-Semester Slump

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

I don't know about anyone else, but these two months of the semester have felt like 10 years. Don't fret though collegiettes, we have eight amazing ways to turn this grueling semester into a mini-vacay for you and your girl gang:


1. Get a little crafty

I don't know about you, but sometimes, when I need to take a break from my million page papers, I like to sit down and do a little DIY. One of my personal favorite things is to use a little bit of Krazy glue to help me decorate a pennant or something else made out of felt, but if you don't have something made of felt, Krazy glue sticks to other things too. One of the best things is how portable everything is if you're headed to a girl's night and want to bring something for everyone to do.


2. Satisfy your cravings

Sometimes when you've been stuck in the library all night, you pick up the munchies. When you head home at the end of the day, all you want to do is binge on the couch with a snack. If you're feeling very traditionally college, pop a little bit of Frank's Red Hot and Old Bay on your Ramen noodles. You might think I'm crazy, but trust me, you'll love it. There's a reason their slogan is "I put that SPLAT on everything" (which made me giggle a little bit.)


3. Treat yourself

Did you just slay an exam? Did you just turn in that research paper you've been working on for weeks? Then homegirl, it's time to treat yo self. I always head to the makeup section when I'm looking to reward myself, but I actually went for the fragrance aisle this time. I have been LIVING for Katy Perry's INDI fragrance lately. It is super unique and has a scent that I could just die for. The best part is that you're not shelling out hundreds of dollars (that you could be spending on snacks) for two drops of fragrance. You check check out our queen Katy's scent at Walgreens.


4. Keep it healthy

Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself when you're stressing is to keep yourself healthy, whether that's exercising or eating healthy or however else you live your life! I've been a fan of Garden of Life protein bars lately as they are packed full of protein and made with ingredients that I can exactly pronounce. 


5. Focus on self care

Never let your skin take the hit when you're hitting the mid-semester blues. I have a bad habit of falling asleep before I take off my makeup at night, and believe me, it's a huge mistake. I've been trying different methods of taking off my makeup without irritating my skin, and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has been infinitely the best. All I have to do is pour a little on a cotton pad and my makeup comes off in a second - and yes, it works on your waterproof eye makeup. Can I say, life-changing?


6. Rework your living space

I'm a stress cleaner, which means my whole dorm gets rearranged every other week. One thing that's helped me stay calm is trying out different room fresheners. I think my favorite so far has been Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. There are so many different scent options (my personal favorite is Rose Water and Ivy) and so many options of diffusers. I have one that lights up! It adds a little flair to my dorm room while helping me take a chill pill and sit back and smell the roses (pun intended.)


7. Stay safe

There is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time, but you've got to do it safely. It's a scary time to be a woman in America, but Sabre is trying to help us all feel safer out in the real world. The drink test kit is amazing. It's easy to slip some strips in your purse and test your drink to make sure no one slipped something in it. While a lot of moms will buy us pepper spray, another great idea is a personal alarm. If someone is a little too close for comfort, set it off and feel safe again. I seriously do not go anywhere with my personal alarm. 


8. Pretend it's still summer

Despite being an ice queen who thrives in the snow (cue the Frozen soundtrack), I do miss laying out on the beach and getting a nice tan. L'Oreal Sublime bronze is helping me relive the summer heat by making me look like I actually tan and don't just turn into a lobster.


Don't let the mid-semester blues keep you from thriving and killing it like you always do. Take care of yourself, spend time with your favorite girl gang, and keep your head up high ladies!