8 Cute DIY Projects For Your New Apartment

Everyone loves a well-decorated apartment - like those we see on TV and Pinterest. However, when trying to do something similar you sometimes realize that having an apartment looking that fierce can cost more than your rent!


If you are on a budget or simply don't want to spend too much money on decor - but still want one of those apartments - here are 8 cute DIY Decor ideas that you can certainly try:

  1. 1. Candle Holders

    This is a charming idea that can match with any room in your apartment. Simply pick an old item where your candles would fit and let your creativity take place. Just be careful to choose a material that will not catch on fire!

  2. 2. Flower Wall

    Adding fake flowers on the walls are a great way to innovate a room and add a personal, colorful touch. You can design them in any way you like, just use your creativity!

  3. 3. Chalkboard Wall

    If you have an empty wall and want to try something completely different, making it a chalkboard could be the coolest - and most stylish - solution. You can not only draw and innovate whenever you want but also make it completely your own. Just make sure it's okay with your landlord!

  4. 4. Bathroom Tic Tac Toe

    For those who love to add a special touch everywhere, you can make a cute Tic Tac Toe using wood and toilet paper. This decor idea is simple to do and certainly really different.

  5. 5. String Lights in Bottles

    The classic string lights are a classic and beautiful room decor. Instead of hanging them on the wall, have you considered putting them in a cup or a glass bottle?

  6. 6. Stickers on Furniture

    Why not gather a lot of cool stickers that you represent what you love and use them to decor the furniture in your apartment? It is a really simple way to renovate what you already have and make it more you.

  7. 7. Painted Door

    Letting your artistic side take over is another way to save money and still have the decor you love. You can paint a wall or door to make it more colorful and interesting to look at. Just remember not to do this in a dorm or rented apartment!

  8. 8. Wall Stickers on Stairs

    There are many cute wall stickers you could buy in order to decorate. However, they don't necessarily need to be on the wall. You can use them to decorate your stairs to bring some new charm to your apartment.