7 Ways to Get in The Christmas Spirit as an Adult

As we get older, we tend to struggle more to find the true joy of Christmas. Here are a few easy ways to adapt to the holiday season when you lose that childhood spark.

  1. 1. Christmas Movie Night

    Whip out the wine and charcuterie boards to watch some of your favorite holiday films with your girls!

  2. 2. Décor

    Holiday décor doesn’t have to be childish and frilly, it can be minimalist and chic too.

  3. 3. Secret Santa Party

    I mean really, who doesn’t love the season of giving?

  4. 4. Christmas Card

    Don’t live at home anymore? Orchestrate a holiday photoshoot with your roomies and send out some prints to relatives and close friends!

  5. 5. Christmas Tree Farm

    This activity comes at almost no cost, unless you want a cup of hot cocoa. We all love pumpkin patches in the fall, so why not hit up the Xmas version?

  6. 6. Browse Holiday Playlists

    Always keep that Christmas soundtrack playing. Either find something that puts you in the mood or create one yourself to constantly keep you holly and jolly! 

  7. 7. Starbucks

    And if you really can’t find the time in your day to celebrate, just walk into any Starbucks, it will be oozing with Christmas spirit guaranteed. 

Happy Holidays!