7 Things That Happen If You’ve Been Bitten by the Travel Bug

If you’ve traveled a lot and fell in love while away, or even went to one place that stole your heart – then you’ve probably been bitten by the travel bug. Trust us, we know how hard that can be. Here are seven things that happen once you’ve been bitten:


1. Youre constantly daydreaming.

How many times have you found yourself daydreaming or replaying memories in your head? If you’ve got the travel bug, you’re constantly lost in your own thoughts and need to be dragged back to the real world. The cure? Going on another trip.

2. Youre researching trips in your spare time.

You don’t know when you’ll be able to take off again, but you want to be prepared for when you do. You’re always looking up cities you love and finding new cities you never knew of, and planning what you’ll do when you eventually get there.

3. You scroll through old pictures.

The good old days are just too...well, good, to not look back on. If you’ve traveled recently, you’re probably spending your time at home going through the pictures you took to try and relive those moments again.

4. Youre restless wherever you are.

You’re so used to being on the move and always doing something new that you forgot what it’s like to be in one place for so long. Doing the same thing over and over makes you feel restless, and you’re dying to go on a new adventure.

5. TripAdvisor is one of your most visited websites.

If you’re planning trips or looking for new places to go, TripAdvisor is one of your most visited sites. You’re basically teasing yourself by finding fun things to do and places to visit in cities you haven’t visited yet, or seeing the spots you missed in places you’ve already been. This site is guaranteed to give you a case of FOMO.

6. Youre searching for new travel blogs and accounts to follow.

If you’re considering ditching the regular path and traveling around the world for a while, you’re probably looking for other people who have done this too. The Internet is overflowing with travel blogs and social media accounts for people to share their wanderlust, which easily become addictive if you’ve got the travel bug.

7. You start planning your own travel blog.

Anyone who is serious about travel has at least had the thought of starting their own travel blog. I mean, that’s the dream job… right? Getting paid to travel the world and write about your experiences doesn’t sound too shabby. Even if you’ve only thought about it lightheartedly, or you’re already buying the domain name, having your own travel blog to talk about your experiences has definitely crossed your mind.