5 Ways to Finish the Semester Strong

The weeks following Thanksgiving break tend to be the days college students spend impatiently waiting for the next holiday break; our winter vacation. 


Those weeks, however, are also the most important and probably the toughest part of the semester. 


In the midst of final exams, catching up on assignments, and persistently trying to persuade professors to bring that F to an A, students have also mentally checked out and are desperately anticipating the end of the first semester.


Nevertheless, we have to keep fighting until the figurative war is won. So, here are some tips to help you get through these next few weeks without completely passing out on the battlefield.

  1. 1. MAINTAIN Study Habits

    ‘Maintain’ being the key word. 

    We are halfway through the semester, so I am sure you’ve already gotten into a rhythm and created some kind of balance between studying, completing homework assignments, and attending class. The most challenging part is maintaining that balance, especially while knowing you are so close to the end and are ready to break free. 

    Although slacking off and skipping class every once in a while, resist the urge! Remind yourself of what you are working so hard for and continue to strive for greatness. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay on top of things and remain focused. 

    Keep yourself motivated, manage your time wisely, and try to set small goals for yourself each day to give yourself a little more drive to push through the day.

  2. 2. Don’t Procrastinate!

    Procrastination is probably the easiest thing a student can do, especially during this time of year. In fact, many college students can probably classify procrastination as one of their special skills. However, the end of the semester is the absolute worst time to put off assignments. 

    At this time, professors are throwing out everything they have in their arsenal and cramming the last few lessons of the curriculum into three weeks. So, you have to stay on top of things! Find something that works for you, whether that is creating to-do lists or dedicating a certain portion of your day to accomplishing tasks.

    Whatever you do, try not to catch yourself saying, “I’ll do that later” or “That can be done tomorrow” if you have the opportunity to do the work now. Plus, imagine how great it will feel to complete all your assignments!

  3. 3. S L E E P

    If you’ve followed the steps above correctly, hopefully that leaves room for you getting a good night’s sleep. Now of course I understand the temptation to watch a Netflix episode or two (or twenty) before falling asleep, and it’s a nice way to a day after working so hard. But, I do not recommend binging an entire season only to wake up sleep deprived. 

    The moments before bed are the times that require the most self discipline. It requires you to turn the TV off after a while instead of letting the episodes play, and putting your phone down instead of mindlessly scrolling through Twitter at night. 

    Getting enough sleep is crucial to academic success because you’ll have the energy needed to get your work done. So try your hardest to get rest; Disney+ can wait.

  4. 4. Take Care of Yourself

    While working hard to finish the semester, be sure to take care of yourself. Although school is incredibly important, you always come first. If you feel yourself getting ready to burn out, take a step back from all the chaos. Maybe take a power nap, grab something to eat, do a quick face mask, or anything that helps you relax. 

    Breaks are always necessary! Ultimately, you know what is best for you. If you feel yourself reaching a breaking point, then that may be a sign that it is time to take a breather. Setting boundaries for yourself is very important! 

    No one can be on the go all the time, so after arranging the times when you will be working, try to plan breaks as well. Thus, you can always be at your best.

  5. 5. Ask for Help

    Things can get very overwhelming towards the end of the semester, but never think you are alone in this! There are thousands of students who are currently in your position, and most would be more than willing to help. Never be afraid to ask for help. 

    There are hundreds of resources available, such as tutoring, study sessions, and office hours, which are sure to be of assistance in your times of need. The most important part is reaching out if you feel like you can not do certain things on your own. Someone will always be there to help you. 

    At the end of the day, we have all been there, and we all want to do our best while helping others do the same. We got you!

    The holiday break is approaching, but not before the three weeks of war- uh, I mean, college, that come before it. 

    Remember, you are almost at the end! And while life is throwing so much at you, these tips will help you fight it off, and even throw something back. I wish you the best!