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46 Thoughts I Had While Standing For 46 Hours

Every year, thousands of Penn State students spend the year raising money and awareness for children and their families with pediatric cancer. The yearlong efforts culminate in a 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon. This year I had the honor of dancing with my five best friends for our THON special interest organization, FOTO. During the 46-hours we had some great times and a few different things crossed our minds. So here are 46 thoughts I had while standing for 46 hours.


1. I wonder who will perform tonight at THON?? I heard One Direction was reuniting!


2. The human tunnel was surreal!

3. I hope the line dance is good this year.

4. Wow, I know more Andy Grammar songs than I thought.


5. I should have bought an extra water gun.


6. Ah, now I am cold. Please stop squirting a water gun at me.


7. When is dinner? I am getting hungry.

8. I wonder if they will feed us bigger portions? We are standing for 46 hours and I do not think five noodles for dinner will fill me.

9. Where is one of my DRCMs? I need them to change the time on my phone.

10. OMG we need to get a picture together!


11. My feet kind of hurt.

12. I wonder what time it is.


13. Do you want to see my dancer locker?

14. I wonder if I will remember the whole line dance this year?

15. I am so excited to see my friends when they get on the floor!

16. I could really go for a peanut butter sandwich!


17. My hair is going to smell so good after I get it washed!

18. When is the next slide of strength?

19. Slides of strength felt really good.

20. Will this baby powdered come out of my clothes?

21. I wish I could get a back massage.


22. I cannot believe this is my last THON ever as a student!

23. I heard there is another performer this weekend? I hope it is Sean Kingston.

24. All these kids are my heroes!

25. There is no way Mason Ramsey is performing at THON this year.


26. Wait, is that actually Mason Ramsey?


27. I hope Mason Ramsey plays Famous. That song is a bop.

28. Did I say my feet hurt?

29. Wow my shoes definitely smell.

30. I hope my parents have fun at their first THON!

31. I wonder how long we have been standing?

32. I hope there is another meal soon.


33. I have to go the bathroom but the line is kind of long.

34. Wow I think I had English 15 with that kid. Crazy that Penn State is so big yet so small at the same time.

35. I think I am going to get an ice bath soon.

36. I wonder if mail call is coming up soon.


37. Wow, these letters from mail call are making me tear up a bit. I love my bestie pals.

38. It is so cool that THON gives the chance to allow every kid to be a kid.

39. Yay, it’s Line Dance time again!

40. Ow, this ice bath feels weird.


41. The Four Diamonds Kids that fight cancer every day are truly the bravest and most courageous people I will ever meet.  

42. I could use a tennis ball right about now.

43. It’s final four already?? This weekend flew by!

44. This band pops! They are really bringing out the energy the last hour of THON!


45. 10 more seconds ‘til we sit!


46. I love this school an all that it does!


I thought that 46 hours of THON would be really slow but it flew by. I am so proud of the students at this school for giving us 10 million more reasons to smile!

Maire is a junior at Penn State majoring in psychology. She loves ice cream, writing, and crocs. She hopes to grow as a writer during her time at Her Campus. She loves the environment. Follow her vegetarian food Instagram for cool and fun content @iturnipforvegetables !
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