3 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm With VELCRO HANGables

Decorating your room is one of the most exciting parts of moving into college, but it can be such a pain when it comes to hanging up your decor. Nails and hammers can be hazardous, and you might damage your wall if used incorrectly; who wants to go through all of that? Don’t you wish there was an easier way to organize your decor?

Luckily, there is! VELCRO brand HANGables are a much better solution than those pesky hammers. All you have to do is stick them on any wall or surface, and you can easily hang up your decor without hassle. It’s just one step, and they’re easily removable. Here are three ways you can decorate your room with VELCRO brand HANGables:


1. Make a shelf for your makeup! 

If you have a lot of makeup like me, you’ll understand the need to organize it. With HANGables, you can easily hang up a shelf for your makeup.

Why not add some lip glosses to the mix? Almay's Goddess Gloss is perfect for adding a pop of color to your shelf and to your look. I have such thick and long hair that I have a problem with my hair sticking to my lips whenever I wear lip gloss, but I've found that Almay isn't sticky and I feel comfortable wearing it all day long! This would be a perfect addition to your makeup shelf if you want a quality gloss to give your lips a radiant shine. 

Speaking of lips, you should also add Eos organic lip balm to your collection. Let me tell you: my lips always get chapped, especially during the winter when the air is really dry. When I first tried Eos, I put some on before I went to bed. When I woke up, my lips were so smooth and most of the dry skin was gone. I’m so glad I found something that works on my lips, and I also really enjoy the tropical mango taste.

HANGables will surely keep both of these lip products, and the rest of your makeup, looking fabulous in your room!   


2. Broken hook? No problem! 

When I first moved into my apartment, I saw that a hook in my closet was loose. I tried to fix it, and it just broke off. I didn’t have anywhere to hang up my jackets for months, so when I got HANGables I decided to perform a little experiment. I took a HANGable, put it on my hook, and it stuck right back onto my closet door. Not only are these great for decorating, but they're great fixers, too!

If you don’t have a broken hook on your closet door like I did, don’t worry. You can try it with anything that needs to be reattached or fixed, and it should work just as well. With my newly fixed hook, I finally got to hang up my favorite (and newest) Primark beanie. 

The first day I wore my new beanie, I put braids in my hair and the combination was adorable. With a sweater and leggings, I had a stylish and comfy look, and I was also very warm. There was even a point during the day when I forgot I was wearing it because it was so soft and stayed on so well! When I took it off, it must have ended up on the floor over five times, and I was worried it would get dirty. I was so glad when HANGables fixed my hook that I didn’t have to worry about my beanie falling on the floor anymore.


3. Hang up all of your pictures!

With nails, I feel like I can never hang up my picture frames correctly because my pictures always end up crooked. I have this very thick and heavy picture frame with a collage of my boyfriend and me, and honestly I was afraid it wouldn’t stay up with the HANGables. However, all I had to do was stick two of them onto the back of the picture frame and put it on my wall! So far, it’s been staying on really well, and it was so quick and easy to do.  

I hope you like VELCRO brand HANGables as much as I do. Happy decorating, collegiettes!