12 Things We All Do After Finals

Finals can suck the life out of you and make you feel small. These exams put you on a diet of Goldfish and Ramen, and you often find yourself in a state of panic and stress that does anything but wonders for your skin.

But then, there’s a light in this storm: winter break. Everyone has their own routine that they immediately go into as soon as they step foot into their home, but here’s a list of the top 12 things we’re all likely to do after finals:


1. Eating everything in sight

Including the table, of course. Just be careful of wood getting stuck in your teeth.


2. Seeing fluffy pets again

Your best-friend-from-home’s pets work too.


3. Refreshing grades over and over

You just need to know what you got. You also may or may not spend hours calculating your possible GPA.


4. Taking forever in the shower

You’re finally in your safe space…and you have all the time in the world.


5. Immediately scheduling time for friends

You won’t do half the stuff you said you’d do over break together, but it’s fine.


6. Sleeping in until the whole day’s gone

You don’t even set an alarm. And if you do, we all know you snooze it.


7. Calling old contacts for babysitting gigs

Or any job period. You’re pretty broke, so this is necessary.


8. Driving everywhere possible

You’re finally home, meaning you can also finally drive. Jesus, step away from the wheel.


9. Blasting music in every room of the house

You’re not in a dorm with paper-thin walls, anymore. Let’s get crazy.


10. Wondering who you’ll bump into from high school

We’re all home now. It’s bound to happen.


11. Doing random Christmas shopping

You didn’t have time to get gifts before, so you haul some major last minute shopping.


12.  Celebrating with loved ones

Happy holidays, collegiettes!