The 10 Stages Of Apartment Hunting, As Told By Vines

It’s pumpkin spice season. Countdown-until-fall-break season. Department-stores-already-selling-Christmas-decorations season.

It's also, unfortunately, apartment hunting season - and it can be a stressful time for anyone planning to live off campus. Apartment hunting is tedious, lengthy, and overall frustrating - so here’s a list of the ten stages of apartment hunting as told by vines to get you through it:


1. Realizing that, sh*t, it’s only October and I’m supposed to be apartment hunting for next year already?

I can’t be the only one who feels like we’ve been in school for only two weeks now, right? I still don’t know all my professors' names and you want me to know where I’m living next year? I don’t even know what I’m eating for lunch later, but it’s fine. I’m fine. 


2. Trying to figure out who to live with (aka do all my friends secretly hate me?)

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. However, I am sure that regardless, I love them, and I ain’t never gonna stop loving them.


3. Having absolutely no idea where to even start.


4. Being too stressed to even try, so you leave it all to your friends.

Probably one of the reasons why they're hesitant about living with me. I can’t function under these stressful conditions, but if you want to run something by me, I’ll be in bed.  


5. Deciding that you’ll just sleep on the stairs in the HUB next year instead of an apartment... NBD.

There’s no rent and it’s right across from Jamba Juice, so win-win. Plus, you’ll always be early to avoid the massive Chick-fil-A line at lunch.


6. Finally agreeing on a few apartments to check out.

Progress! Not that I had any part in it, but I’m still excited to pretend I’m on HGTV’s "House Hunting."


7. Falling in love with an apartment, but it’s $1,000 a month per person.

Let’s be real. I’m going to struggle paying $500 a month. Double that? Count me out. Be careful not to fall back to step five here, even though it may be tempting.


8. Touring an apartment and thinking, “Wow, this might actually work.”

Things actually working out? Who is she? Seriously, this feeling's got to be the best. When the hard work begins to pay off, it starts to seem worth it.


9. Feeling old AF because you found an apartment without your mom helping you.

I may have called her ten times about it, but I was still the one who made the decision. She might visit every weekend and tell me to clean my room, but I’m still an adult, right?


10. Finally signing the lease.

It’s official, and it’s time to celebrate! The long, painful process is over... until next year, that is. Make sure you bookmark this article until then!