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Spanish Music for Every Mood

Spanish Music has become increasing popular in America over the years. Many artist such as Shakira and Daddy Yankee have had multiple hits make it to Billboard’s Top 10 List. So here for you today, is a list of Spanish songs you might enjoy, for whatever kind of mood you’re in.


  • When you are in desperate need for a pick me up

La Vida es un Carnaval by Celia Cruz

“O hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval. Es más bello vivir cantando”

Translation: “You must not cry, life is a carnival It’s more beautiful to live singing”


  • When you are feeling heartbroken

Tragos Amargos by Ramón Ayala

“Tragos de amargo licor Que no me hacen olvidar Y me siento como un cobarde Que hasta me pongo a llorar”

Translation: “This bitter liquor drinking that won’t let me forget, and I feel like a coward because I start to cry”


  • When you are feeling heartbroken but you know you’re amazing and deserve better

La Tortura by Shakira and Alejandro Sanz

“Fue una tortura perderte, Me duele tanto que sea así. Sigue llorando perdon. Yo ya no voy a llorar por tí” Translation: “It was such a torture to lose you. It hurts me that it’s like this, you keep on crying, but sorry I’m not going to cry over you”                          


  • When you have developed a new crush  

Mi Dulce Niña by Kumba Kings

“Ya lo ves estoy muy loco por ti. Cuando te veo venir no se ni que decir que no encuentro, la manera de decirte lo que siento”

Translation: “Now you see that I’m crazy for you. When I see you coming I don’t know what to say, I can’t find the way to tell you how I feel“


  • When you are in love

Mi razón de ser by Banda MS

“Convences a mi corazón que te ame por completo. Conquistas cada parte de mi mente y de mi cuerpo. Tu haces que mi vida tenga más sentido. Haces que a diario quiera estar contigo”

Translation: “You convince my heart to love you completely. You conquer every part of my mind and body. You make my life have more feeling. You make me want to be with you everyday”


  • When you feel like you need some drama in your life

Ella y Yo by Aventura and Don Omar

“No es fácil lo que voy a hacer, admitiré que salí con tu mujer”

Translation: “And even though what I’m going to do is not easy, I will admit that I slept with your wife”


  • When you are looking for the perfect dance song

Techno Cumbia by Selena y Los Dinos

“Si vienen a bailar, pues vamos a gozar. Si vienen a dormir, salgan fuera de aqui.”

Translation: “If you’re here to dance, then let’s enjoy. If you’re here to sleep, get out of here”


  • When you need something a little sexy

Noche De Sexo by Wisin y Yandel

“Hoy es noche de sexo, voy a deborarte nena linda. Hoy es noche de sexo y voy a cumplir tus fantasías”

Translation: “Tonight is the night of sex, I’ll devour you, beautiful girl. Tonight is night of sex, I’ll fullfill your fantasies”


  • When you are are missing someone a little more than usual

Te Extraño by Xtreme

“El tiempo pasa y pasa y yo sigo asi Queriendote en mis brasos sin poderte tener

Y busco una salida para no verme asi”

Translation: “Time runs on and on and here I go on like this , wishing to hold you in my arms, without any chance of having you”


  • When you just wanna hang and relax (plus it might be a song you recognize!)

Stand By Me by Prince Royce

“Y aunque las montañas o el cielo caiga, No voy a preocuparme, porque sé que tú estás junto a mí”

Translation: “Even if the mountains or the sky falls, I won’t be worried, because i know that you’re next to me”


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