Sibling Tensions: Holiday Edition

With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is rushing around finding the perfect gift for each of their friends and families. Many are dreading the awkward family meals and get-togethers, including me who is dreading the upcoming, awkward events. 


Here’s why:

I’m currently 19 and have two older siblings, a brother who’s 23 and a sister who’s 28. Growing up, I was always the overachiever and good student, my siblings not so much. As a kid, I was very close with my brother, and as I got older I was able to become close with my sister as well. As I moved out to go to college, both of my siblings ended up moving back into our parent’s house. My brother and sister really don’t get along at all and basically fight constantly. I get along fine with both, which is why they both love to come to me to complain about the other, however, little do they know that I tell all of it to my parents, and we complain about both of them together. With both of my siblings fighting all the time and doing dumb stuff all the time. My parents have left with only one real viable option as a favorite: me.


Now being everyone’s favorite is super fun and all, but it also comes with tons of anxiety, especially during the holidays.

Think about it this way: I have no issues with anyone, yet everyone else in my family has issues with others. My brother and sister can barely have a civilized conversation, and my parents are so mad at my sister they’ve threatened to call the cops. So basically there are two options, sit back and watch everything burn as they all fight or try to “mediate” the situation and end up having everyone mad at me. 

No matter who you are, family problems are a thing and those problems will definitely rise around the dinner table this holiday season. Just remember to do what makes you happy, comfortable, take advantage of being on everyone's good side while you still are!