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Procrastination Lvl: Finals Week

If you’re anything like me, I’ll find any way to hold off on doing the things that are actually important. This week’s procrastination is putting off studying for finals, here’s a list of some ideas that you can do to procrastinate too!

1. Sleep


2. Cook


3. Shop


4. Binge 43 episodes of your favorite show


5. Clean your closet


6. Clean your bathroom


7. Scrub your entire apartment from top to bottom


8. Watch YouTube


9. Fall down a YouTube hole and watch a certain genre for 10 hours straight


10. Wash your makeup brushes


11. Pack to go home


12. Spend three hours “planning” how you’ll study


13. Write a Her Campus article!


And there you have it! Now go have fun, try and study and good luck folks!!

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Megan Kirk

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Cheerleading. Boybands. True Crime. Makeup. College Football. Basic AF.
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