New Semester, New Opportunities

So you’re back from winter break and you’re not really sure how to feel. Here are some pros and cons of going back to college during the Spring.



Seeing all your friends

  • After what seems like a full-on century, you’re back hanging out and eating lunch with all your friends. You compare class schedules and hang out in free time accordingly.


Still on Winter Break mode

  • For some, winter break is a time where you’re productive and for others, it’s a time where you hibernate until 1pm.


New schedule

  • This goes for every semester, but you get to pick and choose what classes you take. Props for you if you don’t have to take an 8am!


Buying new books

  • The unfortunate circle of college is buying expensive books only to sell or return them so you can have money to buy more.


New Year, New You

Spring semester and the new year is a great time to try new habits. Even if you already have awesome habits, start new ones! It’s never too late to organize homework, projects, relationships, and most importantly: SELF CARE.


Back to dorm life

The craziness of dorms still baffles me. They’re smelly, crowded and a little nasty, but they’re your home for now.


One semester closer to graduation!


Although there are pros and cons of going back to school after a break, you (hopefully) got some time to rest and reboot. Make the best of what you can while you’re here!


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