My Top 5 Crystals

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with crystals. Not only am I constantly decked out in crystal rings and pendants, but I also have them falling out of my pockets and purses at all times. For more in-depth information on crystals, check out our previous article here, but these are a few of my absolute favorite crystals.


1. Moonstone

Moonstones by far are my absolute favorite crystals. Not only do they come in multiple types, but each one is special in its own way. It is a very feminine based stone and helps with intuition and cleansing on the mind mainly. I'd recommend this stone to anyone.


2. Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper is used to elevate your emotions and also help with bettering communication (which is what I need it for) Also it is used to grow self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


3. Pink (Mangano) Calcite

Pink calcite is one of my newer finds and I have absolutely fallen in love. It is a stone of peace and well-being and aides emotional traumas such as abuse, injury or anything else of that nature. Pink calcite also helps with understanding deep-seated causes of acknowledgment and release. Overall, it is a very versatile stone.


4. Sodalite

Sodalite is a great calming, balancing and creative stone. It provides inspiration and helps when you feel stuck in your life. This stone is perfect for anyone in a creative field or who has a creative mind. 


5. Citrine

Citrine is mainly known for helping acquire wealth and maintaining it. It is also good for interpersonal relationships, love and happiness. Citrine also aides in guarding your heart against those who may break it.


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