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Let’s Talk: “Anti-Feminism”

It’s been in recent years that we have discussed feminism and the negative connotations that it has. It has also been in recent years that we have seen women putting other women against each other in the name of feminism. While women continue to fight for the end of sexist stereotypes and for the beginning of all equal rights, it is still difficult to move forward when there are forces holding us back, especially if those forces are also women who do not agree with what the argument is.

For those who do not know what we are advocating for, women are constantly told what they can and can’t do with their bodies, they are limited in their access of health care, and some companies do not pay them a fair wage. These are just a couple problems on a long list of what women face every day, publicly and privately. We are continuously trying to change society’s standards, beliefs, and limitations of women not just in our own country but worldwide.

Every person has their own political and personal beliefs. While we don’t always see eye to eye, it seems agreeable that we all want equal justice for all genders. A large problem is that we each have our own interpretations of what is wrong with society and our governmental system. It’s not about getting special treatment, it’s about getting equal treatment. We aren’t trying to play the victim card, but instead we are trying to revoke all the stereotypes that label us as such. We don’t want to be cute little girls that need to be in the kitchen, we want to be the women who can be in the kitchen because we want to, or we can be out as engineers or biologists. Because one woman does not feel the need for feminism, it does not take the validation away from those who do.


Feminism has become an ugly word. Despite that, it still means we are advocating and taking action for a cause. Whether you are personally affected or not, it is a civil movement that women need. While it may not be all women, it is still needed by most. When women come against other women, it pushes back the progress. It gives others bad reputations and connotations of what it means, and because of this, the fight is harder. It’s not about hating men or choosing the “right” type of woman. It’s about spreading the same idea of respect for each person regardless of their gender.




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