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The finals week feels are hitting us hard here at Penn State Behrend. With endless hours of studying and limited hours of sleep, your mind can wander to some pretty obscure places. Today, we’re sharing some relatable finals week thoughts. Trust us, you’re not the only one thinking this way.   

  1. Can I overdoes on caffeine? 
  2. I’m not sure if people are actually finishing their tests, or if they’re just giving up before me.
  3. Can I still marry rich if I don’t have a degree? 
  4. If I cry uncontrollably, will my professor pass me out of pity? 
  5. So let’s calculate what I would need to get on this final to get an A in the class…. 124%… Okay, well a B is still good…. Or a C… 
  6. If I spent as much time studying as I did calcualting the lowest grade I can get to still pass… I think I’d pass. 
  7. Time to study; I’ll start by reading the book… I just have to get the plastic wrap off first…
  8. I need to add this to my SnapChat story so people know I’m studying. #onthatstudygrind #livinginthelibrary 
  9. You know what they say; C’s get degrees. 
  10. If Elle Woods got into Harvard, then that means I can pass Accounting… right?
  11. Maybe I’ll just be a Starbucks barista. All of the coffee, none of the stress.
  12. If I keep drinking more coffee, will my stomach feel better or worse?
  13. If I get two hours of sleep, will I be able to stay awake long enough to take my final?
  14. If I drink my weight in coffee, will I be able to focus longer? 
  15. If Kate Spade can graduate from college and kick ass in the real world, so can I! 
  16. I wonder if this stress acne will clear up before Christmas.
  17. *Hands shaking uncontrollably* NEED. MORE. COFFEE. 
  18. Calories don’t count during finals week.. I need all of this “brain food.”
  19. Hands in final *sings* “is it too late now to say sorry?” 
  20. Work hard for four years, have fun for the rest of your life.

So Collegiettes, if you find yourself thinking similar thoughts during finals week, power through, and just remember, you’re almost done! 

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Lexie is a senior communication major at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, specializing in public relations, advertising and social media. She has coined herself as a monogram enthusiast, an unapologetic cat fanatic and a passionate feminist. Lexie started the Her Campus chapter at her school in hopes to leave behind something special to the place that has given her so much. She believes in the power of the written word, a timeless handbag and practicing reckless optimism. To feed her social media addiction, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @leckseepelchen
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