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Chris Grow ’18

Name: Chris Grow

Major: Political Science, Teaching Certificate at Edinboro

Year: Senior


Where you from?

North East, PA


Why Behrend?

I went to Slippery Rock my freshmen year, and I didn’t like it. So, I thought ‘well, I should get out of here.’ I transferred and I thought I guess I’d live at home and commute. So I picked Behrend. I commute, so I miss a lot of 8 am classes. I have long breaks and don’t have the willpower to drive home and back so that’s when I get a lot of my work done. That’s helpful.


What’s your goal in life?

I want to win the Golden Apple for best teacher. I want to be able to say that I made a difference in kid’s lives at the end of it all. I have two teachers that I will model my whole teaching career after because they’re just genuinely good guys who cared about what they were doing.



What do you do in your free time?

I just finished Game of Thrones, so I binged that in a month, which is impressive if you ask anybody. That took up most of my life last month. I play music a lot and sometimes I play video games to relieve some stress. I have an old dog and I like to play with him because I feel like I’m doing two jobs at once: relieving my stress and also alleviating his pain.


What instruments do know how to play?

The guitar, bass, and drums. I can sing, and I’m teaching myself how to play keyboard.


What are your favorite songs to play on guitar?

There’s a song called Half Moon by Iron and Wine which is great for the acoustic, and there’s a song called All The Time by Bahamas which is great for the electric.


Celeb Crush?

Jake Gyllenhaal


Dogs or Cats?



Favorite Band?

The Growlers, although it depends on the season.


Favorite Album?

Gilded Pleasures by The Growlers


Favorite Food?

Taco Bell’s cheesy quesadilla, shredded chicken mini quesadilla. It’s on the value menu for $1, $1.06 after tax.


Favorite Season?



What is your “style uniform?”

Any type of pants, a flannel usually, but I’m always ready to throw a cardigan in there. Cardigans are a go-to article of clothing.  


Chris would also like to add in that he is a feminist.



Thanks for the amazing interview! HCXO

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