90s Style Icons

The 90s was an interesting time for fashion. So many different styles all came together to define this decade in pop culture. Today, you can still see the remnants of this iconic time in fashion through the popular clothes being worn now. Whether they were a character in a show or a celeb in their everyday lives, there are a plethora of 90s style icons who are still admired for the risks they took and the outfits they rocked.


Fran Drescher

The prints...the fur….the sequins. It's hard to deny Fran as an iconic style guru in the 90s. From her “casual” wear to her more dressed up nights, she rocked whatever she had on.



Rachel Green

She worked in fashion, and we definitely knew why. I’ve come to realize that there really isn’t one episode I've seen in which Rachel isn’t wearing something that I absolutely love. I actually often end up looking up the episode and pinning her outfits on my fashion board all the time.


DJ Tanner

Nobody rocked the shoulder pads quite like an early 90s DJ Tanner did. As the show progressed, so did her style. A queen of casual dressing, DJ always rocked some form of mom jeans and a tee shirt (a.k.a my entire wardrobe) and I LOVE it. (Honorable mention goes to Stephanie Tanner, another 90s fashion queen).



Drew Barrymore

Drew honestly rocked the 90s style perfectly, the dark lips and leather mixed with messy hair….iconic. I find myself pinning her 90s wardrobe all the time, she's a true fashion inspiration.



Courtney Love

The QUEEN of grunge, Courtney taught us all how to rock a dress with ripped up tights and made it almost socially acceptable to wear in public.





Ashley Banks

I mean, I’m pretty sure it's hard to have a bad wardrobe with Phillip Banks’ bank account backing you. Both of the Bank’s sisters (and Will) always wore amazing outfits, but I always preferred Ashley over Hillary.




These three broke all the rules, and we thank them for it. Whether it was wearing their letters across their chests as shirts or rocking overalls decked out in condoms to red carpet events (to promote safe sex of course), the ladies of TLC will always be remembered as icons in both the fashion and music industries.



Selena Quintanilla

The late, great, and fabulous Selena always had it together. Whether it was her everyday fashion or one of her amazing on stage looks (never forget the purple suit) her wardrobe remains one of the most iconic 90s closets of them all.




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