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7 Things You’d Know Growing up Hispanic

Growing up Hispanic, there may have been certain things you’ve noticed about your childhood that were different from your friend’s. Here are some of the things I noticed throughout my childhood:


1. When you were asked to make a family tree in high school and you have a mild panic attack because you know it can’t fit on one piece of paper.  

2. Eating tamales for EVERY Holiday  

3. When the pinata breaks and it is every child for themselves.  

4. When you hear your friends mouth out to their parents and are surprised when they aren’t running from a belt.  

5. … When you accidentally mouth off to your mom and you are running from the belt.  

6. Learning how to heat up tortillas without burning off your fingers.  

7. When you’re not hungry, but your mom didn’t ask if you were hungry, she told you dinner was ready -and you’re gonna be eating it.


8. Vicks VapoRub – the magical cure for anything and everything.


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