7 New Years Resolutions You Won't Keep

Happy 2016, and here's to a fresh, new beginning! This is the time to make change, to do something new, and if you feel so compelled to do so, make some New Years resolutions. However, if you're anything like us... sometimes your intentions are better than your will. So if you slip up throughout the year, don't be to hard on yourself, because we're probably in the same boat. Laugh it off, here are 7 New Years resolutions that you probably won't keep. 


1. Eat Healthier

But eating healthy food just isn’t as fun... and like, cake. 


2. Save Money

Let us know how this one goes next time there’s a big sale at your favorite store.


3. Get More Sleep

The amount of studying you have to do and your love of coffee will prevent this resolution from ever coming true. Three hours is enough, right? 


4. Meet New People

This one's great until you actually have to converse with people, and then you think that maybe you have enough friends already... scratch that, you definitely have enough friends alreay. 


5. Working Out


But that’s just to much work and no one has time for that.


6. Travel

The one thing I’m sure you forgot to consider for this resolution is that traveling cost money and you don’t have any of that... remember that time you tried to save? 


7. Drink In Moderation

Yeah if your definition of moderation is only one bottle of wine a night.

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