420 Friendly

Some people say it’s the gateway drug. Others refer to it as “The Devil’s Lettuce”. Most, however, just call it good old, classic pot. Over the years, pot and it’s reputation has gone through a huge transformation. Many of us grew up being told that pot is bad. It is an illegal drug that ruins lives, however, now it's starting to become something that is not only used for medical purposes, but is also becoming recreationally legal in many states! Although many still can’t imagine a world where one could simply go to the store to pick up some fire pot, the change is still happening slowly but surely. Currently, 29/50 states have some kind of legal pot and the numbers are only growing. With this growth, however, it is also important to make sure people understand pot and how it can positively affect not only their own lives, but also the others around them.


1. It can help with depression and anxiety



Depressions and anxiety is something that affects hundreds of millions of people and instead of trying to push pills, many doctors are switching to prescribing marijuana. In studies, it has been shown to stabilize one’ s moods and to play roles in normalizing emotions and behavior.


2. It can also help periods not suck



Marijuana has also become the new way to deal with your monthly visitor. Not only does it relieve cramps but it also helps with bloating, irritability and fatigue.


3. It is also a pain reliever for pretty much anything



Not only does is help with those things above, but it helps with all sorts of pain, whether that is stomach pain, head pain or anything in between. It has even been studied and proven that Marijuana can help with the pain and inflammation of those who are suffering from arthritis.


4. It can help with sleep and sleeping patterns



Why take melatonin or prescription sleeping aids when pot does the trick. Many who suffer from insomnia are prescribed Medical Marijuana because there are strains of Marijuana made to make you sleep. Also, unlike many pills, pot can actually help you regulate your sleeping schedule rather than just making you fall asleep.


5. It can stimulate an appetite for cancer patients



Cancer is a terrible disease that affects so many in the world. Patients suffer from many symptoms, especially during chemotherapy, however, pot can actually help with many of them. It can help create an appetite, reduce nausea and regulate digestion distress. It can also help with pain, skin irritations, mental health and sleeping. It has even been heavily researched and proven that it can help fight and kill certain types of cancer.


6. It can possibly decrease the consumption of alcohol



The theory is that with Marijuana legalized recreationally, many who socially drink alcohol will start smoking pot instead. Some may question why that is better, however, someone under the influence of alcohol loses the ability to talk, loses inhibitions, loses control of their emotions and throw ups which is a lot worse than someone who is under the influence of pot who has heightened sensory perception, an increased appetite, altered perception of time and an uncontrollable urge to laugh.


7. It can actually help someone who wants to lose weight



Although there are some strains that can make you hungry enough to eat an entire McDonalds, there are others that don’t. There are even strains that can help you get a little more motivated to get out and about. There are also things in pot that can help boost your metabolism.


8. It can possibly lower your City/States crime rate



To begin with the obvious, when pot is sold in regulated dispensaries there is almost no demand for drug dealers. Also, when pot is regulated and grown in the US, there is also less demand for smuggled drugs. It has also been recorded in many states including California and Arizona violent crimes have decreased between 7-14%,


9. It can help your City/State a lot of money



In less than 4 years, Colorado was able to gain over $550 million dollars in revenue from their taxes and fees for pot. Marijuana is a multi-million dollar business and why keep it legal and let illegal drug dealers sell it when states can regulate it and make that money for themselves. Imagine the changes that can happen with all those tax dollars. Colorado used it to help with public schools, the homeless and those who are affected by mental issues.


Although people love to hate, it’s not as bad as they all say. It can even be good and can help many, many people.


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