10 Pairs and Counting

When the weather gets colder, we find ourselves reaching for more layers in effort to protect ourselves from the sharp winter air. Whether it is adding another layer under your coat, or remembering your scarf and gloves, each is more crucial than the next to surviving the winter. However, a layer that many don’t think to reach for is considerably the most important. Much to your dismay, sunglasses aren’t just for sunny, summer days. A pair of sunglasses is just as essential to your winter layers to help brave the elements, plus they’re stylish too!

As a professional sunglass wearer-extraordinaire, not to mention a loyal Sunglass Hut employee, I’d like to think that I have some knowledge on the subject. Although the main function of wearing sunglasses is to block the rays of the sun, they also are a fabulous addition to your outfit. A great pair of sunglasses has the power to instantly glam-up your grey muscle tee and pink tulle skirt combo, or add some chic to your classic leggings and Patagonia.

S/O to one of HCPSB's own writers, Taylor Francis, for her fierce sunglass selfie. You rock chick! 

 Many people think of sunglasses as simply an accessory, but I beg to differ. Think about this- to some a watch is an accessory, but to others it is a necessity that they wear everyday, not because they think it of it as stylish, but as more practical. A watch provides the wearer with a style aspect, but also the time-telling practical aspect.  When you find a great pair of sunglasses, they become more of a staple in your everyday wardrobe, rather then a simple accessory. 

While I knew that there were many different brands and styles before I began working at Sunglass Hut, I never realized that there were so many different lens colors; there are blue lenses, green lenses, flash lenses, rose lenses, gradient lenses, the list goes on- you could probably say there are about 50 shades. I also didn’t realize the importance of polarized lenses, especially in winter. Polarized lenses are designed to cut the reflected glare like sunlight that bounces off snow or water. They are especially useful when driving around this snow globe of a city.

One of the benefits that working at Sunglass Hut provides me with is, well, being surrounded by sunglasses all day. To some, this can be seen as simply adding fuel to the fire of my habit of buying sunglasses that I definitely don’t need and adding them to my coveted sunglass collection. But, it also has taught me which frames, lenses, and styles look good on myself, but even more important- what they look like on everyone else. Helping someone find their perfect pair of sunglasses allows me to share my knowledge of the glasses themselves, but also introduce someone to the wonderful, but addicting, world of sunglass love. 

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