Confessions of a Scarfaholic

As the leaves fall, the temperature drops, and the chill in the air is accompanied by snow, it's time to bundle up and brave the elements. While winter most likely means shivering through yet another polar vortex, it also means that we can break out our favorite winter wardrobe pieces; specifically, scarves. Although scarves serve as a year round staple accessory, there is just something about winter scarves that make me feel some type of way. The best part, however, is that they not only looks good, but also keep you warm against the strong winds blowing you around campus. Who said you can't have both fashion and function? 

Admittedly, I might have a slight scarf obsession and living in Erie (where 13 out of 12 months I’m walking in a winter wonderland) definitely does not help. This obsession is slowly, but surely, morphing into an addiction, and one that I have no desire to kick. I probably have a scarf collection that would allow me to wear a different scarf each day for the entire winter season, but, there are a few classics that I reach for, especially when the temperatures dip below freezing. These are some of my go-to scarves, and are basically like wearing magic around your neck, because they are that amazingly soft and warm.

Now, there is a huge difference between a winter scarf and a year-round scarf as a light accessory. The winter scarves I live in are oversize, wool, and uber comfortable. Think- wearing your favorite sweatshirt, but in scarf form. The year-round scarves are the lightweight smaller sized scarves, and are definitely not used as a means to keep warm. There are a wide variety of scarves that decorate my closet doors, like the classic buffalo check plaid and my adored blanket scarves. These are the reason that I can get through the brutally cold winter days. The blanket scarves truly do double as a blanket and I would strongly suggest investing in one of these bad boys. So, the next time you’re shivering in the forever freezing library, remember that scarf around your neck can help keep warm.

Throwing on a scarf over your favorite sweater, button up, or t-shirt, is a sure way to add some simple-chic to your outfit. However, if you find yourself getting too warm during the day, can always take it off and your outfit will still remain intact. You definitely can’t say that about your shirt or your shoes (please keep those on). But a scarf, on the other hand, is very versatile in nature. It can be a last minute added accessory that you grab while running out the door to your 11:15 class, or it can be the statement piece to your leather pants and top ensemble.

There are scarves for every type of Collegiette on the PSB campus whether it’s a monogrammed cashmere scarf, or that scarf your grandma knitted you a few Christmases back. We all have a favorite, but don’t be afraid to spice it up and wear your scarf for more than just protection from the cold. 

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