10 Feminist Graduation Caps You’ll Want to Recreate

With the sun starting to peak above the trees, finals weeks finishing up, and graduation right around the corner, the age-old tradition of decorating your graduation cap is coming up. Here’s some inspiration to show your voice among the crowd!




To the point, this grad cap is not only adorable, but it sends a message.






I personally love the line work of this grad cap… not to mention down with the man, amirite?






Again, this one is super simple, but super straightforward. Loud and proud, proclaim being a feminist!






There are so many elements to this grad cap I can’t pick my favorite. Okay, I lied, the “body count same as your grandma’s” is probably my favorite part. It’s edgy and different and says hell yeah, I’m reclaiming my body as my own!






All I can really say is amen!





I mean, you really think I wasn't going to include at least a LITTLE Beyonce in this list? There’s no way you won’t be successful if you have the queen herself with you when you officially transfer to adulthood.

Fun fact: This grad cap lights up too!






The reflective gold, the quote, I love love love this grad cap. They say you should dress for the job you want, I say you should decorate your grad cap for the future you want!






You are fighting for those who can’t yet, know your worth!






Equal parts cute and cunning, this grad cap encompassed everything I’ve ever wanted to say to those family members asking me where my boyfriend was every holiday.






A classic quote, she persisted through trials and tribulations, through midterms and finals, through ups and downs. She did it!


Congrats class of 2018!


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