10 Essentials We Have In Our Rooms


Plants can turn any boring dorm room into a lively and comfortable space. Not to mention, they're super adorable, add brightness to your room and also clean the air!


Christmas lights are the perfect way to add the little something to any space. Trust us on this one, you will want to add light to your personal space. Plus it's nice to have some additional light to use once the fluorescent lights get annoying.  


While rugs can tend to get a bit expensive, they add personality to any space they're in. Whether your floor is already carpeted or its hardwood, rugs can really pull any room together and make it feel cozier.  

Throw Pillows

When decorating your dorm room, you cannot forget to add some creative pillows to your dorm. An extra number of pillows can make your bed look so comfy and cute.


When decorating any dorm or apartment you cannot forget to bring pictures. Bringing pictures of your friends and family can really make you feel closer to home. They are an essential.


You'll always find candles, plug-ins, or anything that smells delicious in our rooms. Always. If you are in a dorm room and aren't allowed to have candles, wax burners are a great dupe for candles. But if you live in an apartment, candles are an excellent way to make your room nice and warm.


Often times we get caught up in the decoration that we forget some important necessities. Like organizers, for example. Simple organizers are great to have around because they help you declutter your space and keep things in one place. No one wants needs to walk around their room tripping over stuff!

Wall Calendar

A hanging calendar is a must for your wall. It keeps you organized and it can really add to your space’s wall.


A Comfy Chair

Cute foldable chairs are the perfect way to create additional seating area without taking up too much space. Get one for your room and you'll notice how hanging out will turn out less stressful!



Removable wall hangers are a must for any dorm room or apartment. They are an easy and dorm-room friendly way to hang posters, pictures and more. Hang-ables by Velcro are a great and affordable brand for all your college needs.


All images from Google images.