What is up with Ray?

First thing's first, Ray has never been my favorite place to eat my meal. However, it was never as bad as it has been since the semester started. If you are a returning student you know that Theme Cuisine used to exist which had some really great options from time to time. Some of the campus favorites included Caprese Panini, grilled cheese bar, popcorn chicken bowl, and nacho bar. There were other favorites but those were definitely among the top ten. According to my probably unreliable sources, Theme Cuisine was removed to help make room for long lines during Ray rush hours. This is a reasonable excuse, however, there is so much unused space that could have been taken advantage of. 

Moreover, while Ray does look prettier with its fresh coat of paint, it does not change the fact that they have limited healthy options that actually tastes somewhat resemblance of real food. The last three trips I made to ray I ended up defaulting to pasta with alfredo sauce because the salad bar was missing onions and everything else was too adventurous for me... Like salmon... from Ray? Yeah I'm all set thank you very much. Would it kill them to put out some avocado at the salad bar every once in awhile? You could put it on a salad or make avocado toast. I cannot tell you how many times I have put that up on the suggestion board and still no avo :( 

Essentially, the only thing that Ray is still doing well is having Dot and Fran greet me on my way in. Also, chicken nugget Dave is still really nice.