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Hearing someone say, “you have to take care of yourself,” may sound like the simplest thing to do. However, when your daily routine picks up in the week, whether that is attending classes or working full-time, prioritizing self-care seems to be the first thing to slip away. Whether someone’s version of self-care involves three minutes of yoga in the morning or dedicating an entire day to laying in bed, self-care is essential to prioritize in your everyday life.

Here are three of the best practices that if properly worked into your daily routine can be extremely successful in mastering self-care.

  1. Working Out

Working out may not seem like a self-care practice, but it has proven to be one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Whether your version of working out involves walking outside or attending a high-intensity cycling class, working out can help boost your metabolism and alleviate stress.  Once you start working out daily, it becomes a lot easier for this self-care practice to become a normal part of your everyday routine.

2. Reading/Journaling

Reading may not be for everyone, but there are so many genres of books out there that you may enjoy more than you think. If reading is not really your forte, journaling is a great alternative for this! Everyone likes to journal in different ways, and if you find a certain type of journaling that you connect most with, it can turn into one of the simplest ways to take care of yourself. A few of the most popular journaling techniques include a gratitude journal, a bullet journal, The Five-Minute Journal, or simply just writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper.

3. Listening to Music

Everyone enjoys listening to music. Whether it is country, pop, rap, musical theater, jazz, or EDM, listening to music is a technique you can apply to your everyday routine while you are completing busywork. Even listening to music when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed can have a major impact on relieving any stresses or anxieties you are facing in your everyday life.

Julia Burk

Providence '23

Julia is a Junior Marketing and Psychology double major at Providence College. In her free time, Julia loves to cook, shop, and get involved in anything that is creative, such as drawing, taking pictures, or writing!
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