Meet Meaghan Barros

Today I decided to sit down with my closest friend at PC Meaghan Barros.  I've known Meaghan since my sophomore year of college and I thought "why does everyone not know who this beautiful woman is?" So, even though I know everything there is to know about Meaghan I thought others should get to knew her beautiful sarcasim as well!! 

Name: Meagahn Barros

Hometown: "Bristol, RI"

Grade: "Senior"

Major: "Accounting"

Favorite Color: "Blue"

Spirit Animal: "Hippo, because they're purple and fat and they kill people"

Favorite Netflix Show?  "Probably right now, '13 Reasons Why' but I love 'Gilmore Girls' and 'The Great British Baking Show'"

Why did you choose Accoutning as a major? "I chose accounting because I didn't suck at it and I knew there would be great job prospects.  But 0 out of 10 would reccommend."

What do you like to do outside of class/work?  "I like eating.  Mostly trying new restaurants and then recommending them to all my friends."

What is your Favorite thing about PC?  "My favorite thing about PC is the people, both the students and professors."

What will you miss most about PC after you graduate? "My roommates most, any of my friends who are younger than me, and my job at Concannon Fitness Center."