Meet Hannah Valente: Manager of Friar Basketball!

Name: Hannah Valente

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theology and Health Policy Management

Hometown: Hoboken, New Jersey


When were you first interested in managing?

I managed the boys basketball team my senior year of high school and fell in love with all of the behind the scene work that I was in charge of.


How did you land the managing job?

I became a manager somewhat on accident. Throughout my senior year I would joke around about continuing to do it in college but never thought it was possible- truth be told I’m a horrible basketball player but I love the game. My dad, an avid Big East fan finally convinced me to send an email to the entire coaching staff right after I got into Providence. I figured that I would get a response a few months later since it was mid-season but much to my surprise I received an email the very next day from the former head manager, now Grad Assistant, welcoming me to the Providence Basketball family. When I came to campus last fall, I could not be more nervous but with a quick introductory tour and interview, the job was mine.


How many managers are there?

There’s 12 of us- seems like a lot but there’s so many jobs to do it’s just enough!

What are your responsibilities like?

Some of our responsibilities are attending daily practice, laundry, filming, and basically doing whatever task needs to be done so that the players and coaches can have a more efficient practice and/or game.


What has been your favorite part of your job?

 My favorite part has been forming friendships with the players and Coach Cooley that go beyond the surface level this was also something that was surprised me the most coming into this I genuinely believed no one was going to ask me how my day was or how classes were going.

What is the most difficult part?

The most difficult part is managing time come game days. Game days are my favorite days but after a great win or a tough loss the last thing I want to do is a Civ reading.

Any advice to someone looking to become a manager?

My advice for anyone who is interested in managing in any sport on campus is to reach out to the head manager of that sport or the coaching staff. I can’t imagine my Providence College experience   without this incredible opportunity and I’m so grateful to work so closely with the program and would encourage anyone who is considered a career within athletics to consider becoming a manager. Go friars!

Make sure to follow Hannah and all the other managers to get behind the scenes on instagram: @friarmanagers