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How to Maintain Self-Care in a Dorm Room


Finals are approaching, and even now, we have a stack of assignments that seems impossible to complete. Still, it is important to remember to take care of yourself! If you’re thinking to yourself that I’m crazy to believe that anyone has time for that, you’re wrong! Self-care does not have to take long and can even help you improve your standard of work. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will burn out, and these next few weeks will be a living hell for you (even more than it already is). Even devoting 10-20 minutes a day can help you lower your stress levels and think more clearly, both of which will help you do better on your work. Here’s a list of potential self-care you can do in your dorm and around campus:


1. Face Mask


In this new Covid-19 era, the “maskne” problem is real. Putting on a face mask is a nice way to both relax and help your skin. 


2. Listen to music


Most people listen to music while they do their work or some other task, but really try tuning in to your favorite playlist and doing nothing. Our brains are overloaded with things to do right now, so really take a second to let that all go. 


3. Meditate


Similar to listening to music, meditation can be very helpful in clearing your mind and lowering your stress. There are so many different types of meditation ensuring something for everyone. Whether you use it to start your day, to take a break, or before bed, you can make a big difference in your attitude. If you think you still don’t have time for this, I’ve also seen some interesting meditations to play while taking a shower. Everyone has to shower, so if you can’t find time to squeeze in self-care, shower meditation is an option too!

4. Take a walk


Whether it is a lap around campus or in nature, this is an effective form of self-care. The walk can be however long you want it to be and still provide you with a break and some relief. 

5. Stay hydrated


Hydrate or diedrate am I right? No, but seriously, make sure you are drinking enough water. Our minds can become very one-track when doing large amounts of homework that you forget to keep up with your water intake (and food! Don’t forget to eat three meals).


6. Paint your nails


Having a spa night or even just painting your nails allows you some time to focus on yourself, and you deserve it! Keep it simple and give yourself some time to relax.


7. Watch a show or read


Carve out some time in your schedule to watch that show you’re so far behind in or even just rewatch an old favorite. Your brain is going overtime, and it needs a mind-numbing tv filled break now and then. Or if you enjoy reading, read something for fun! Professors keep assigning texts left and right, but it’s nice when you get to pick what you want to read.


8. Do some exercise


Whether your idea of a relaxing exercise is yoga or an intense workout, go for it! Exercise can help make you feel relaxed and release some endorphins that make you feel good. It can feel great to let out all the nerves that the last few weeks have filled us with.


9. Keep your space clean


If your space is cluttered, then you’ll feel cluttered. When writing my theology paper the other day, I had basically every reading we’d ever done strewn across my desk. My friend came in and told me my desk looked scary. Later that night, I started to clean my desk and then my entire room, and I felt a lot less stressed. In fact, I felt more organized and prepared for the rest of my work.


10. Take a nap


Sometimes you just really need a nap. Our brain processes our day as we sleep. Even taking a nap can help you better understand what you are learning and let you get back to work feeling refreshed and ready to learn more.

Samantha Dietel

Providence '23

Samantha Dietel is a junior Psychology and Elementary/Special Ed double major and is senior editor for the Providence chapter of HC. She loves to stay involved on campus and is a choreographer for Dance Club, participates in Active Minds, Education Club, PAWS, PC Pals, volunteers with Inspiring Minds, and is a member of the Psi Chi honor society. As a local near Providence, she enjoys guiding her friends around the city and showing them what it has to offer. Samantha also enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and a good binge-watch.
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