Campus Transformations that We’re Most Excited About

While our campus is already such a beautiful place, there are some long awaited transformations in store. With the recent opening of the Ryan Center and Huxley Gate transformation excitement for the campus renovations is through the roof. Here’s a quick look at what’s to come.

Huxley Walkway:

4 years ago when we seniors started our freshman year, Huxley avenue was a through road that saw daily traffic, today it has become the school’s main entry gate and entry way. The opposite end of Huxley, however, has just begun its transformation process. This walkway will be the final piece that unites upper and lower campus. (To be complete for the 2017-2018 school year)

(Photo courtesy of Providence College Transformation Site)

Science Complex:

Albertus Magnus will finally get its long awaited update. The expansion will include new labs, classrooms with the latest technology, a rooftop observatory that will double as an outdoor classroom, and a detached greenhouse. Science majors will finally get their own state of the art building to brag about.  

(Photo courtesy of Providence College Transformation Site)

Ruane Friar Development Center:

This facility will include a basketball practice facility, a new Center for Career Education and Professional Development, an expansion and renovation to ’64 Hall, and an Atrium spanning Alumni Hall and the Slavin Center.

(Photo courtesey of Providence College Transformation Site

Hopefully future Friars enjoy these updates as much as we do. Even though the 7am wakeup by construction noise is highly unappreciated, we’re excited to be here to see these transformations take place.