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5 Things I’ve learned as a Freshman, as of October 2017

As a first-semester Freshman, my time in Friartown has just gotten started, yet there are so many things that I have learned so far. Some pretty funny (see 1-2) and some actually valuable lessons (see 3-5).


Avoid the laundry mistake on Sundays like the plague

I made the typical freshman mistake of going down to the lobby of McVinney, all ready to do some laundry at 10 am on our first Sunday. Unfortunately for me, so did everyone else. After waiting for what I considered a decent amount of time, I gave up and returned the next morning.

Adulting Rating: 2.5 turbo shot coffees/5


The gym is 100% better with a friend


Whether it’s hitting up a spin class with the girls on my floor and suffering together, or going at 9 at night together, doing our own thing, and high-fiving as we crawl back to the dorm, going with someone is absolutely the right choice.

Adulting rating: 3 turbo shot coffees/5


Nothing good happens after 2 am ​

When you’ve exhausted every option on a Friday night, it’s 2 am and the parties are winding down, do yourself a favor and go to bed. Bad choices are just that; bad choices- don’t make them!

Keep in touch with people in your Orientation Group

This is a s/o to Orientation Group One! Some of my closest friends here at Providence were in that group, and I am so grateful to have been placed with them. My leaders were helpful and supportive, even when we were all exhausted and sick of each other. (I’m literally writing this article about an hour before going to meet one of them for coffee). Long story short, they’re awesome.

You’re truly never alone in Friartown

Within my first month here, I saw so many t-shirts with this saying on them. I didn’t quite understand how literally that is taken here until I saw it so many times firsthand. What set Providence apart for me was how friendly students were, how everyone wants to know each other, and are so dedicated to the bettering of this community. Everyone is down to rant about civ reading or catch up over dinner, and that support system is something that I will take with me well past Providence College.



Go Friars!

PC 2021, Miss RI High School America 2015, 1st RU Miss RI Teen USA 2018
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