Review: Fit Desk

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

When I got sent the FitDesk, I really was not sure how the item could fit into my fitness regime. I was a bit bewildered by the desk’s many parts, etc.  I tried using the desk except I was not really sure how to use it. Eventually I gave up on figuring out the “right” way to use the item and ended up using as a simple lap desk. One thing I noticed once I stopped worrying about how it was supposed to be used was that it kept my back really straight. I know this is an odd observation, but I am so used to hunching my back over my desk whenever I study at school that it felt foreign to actually be sitting with better posture. And even though I may not have used the FitDesk in the way it was intended, I realized that living a healthy lifestyle does not just extend into eating and exercising appropriately, it also means taking care of your body in other physical, emotional and mental ways. This way of thinking extends into how much you drink, whether or not you smoke and body posture. While exercise does play a large role in weight loss, it also contributes to healthier joints and less backaches…just like proper body posture! While this may seem a little unconventional, for those who may end up working long hours at the office…proper posture at your desk can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, too!