Jumpstart Your Fitness Resolutions

We've made it two months now and most of us, let's be real, have dropkicked our NYE Resolutions to the back of our minds. Sleeping more? Eating better? Working out more? Where do you find the time? And once you slip out of the rythm, how can you get back into the swing of things? Below are HCP's tips for making fitness and health decisions a bit easier to manage in the Orange Bubble.

Take Your Workout With You

It's hard to make it to the gym, we get it, but one way to make sure to get your workout in is to have exercises that you can do easily in your room. Introducing FitKit. The FitKit is tiny enough to fit in your carry-on for a flight and is chock-full of items that make for a great in-dorm workout: jump rope, resistance tubes, pedometers, and exercise bands. In addition, the FitKit comes with an arsenal of exercise moves that, thankfully, don't take too much space.



Consider a Short Cleanse (3 Days Maximum)

There is great debate regarding cleanses but from what we have read, a cleanse for a short period of time (1-3 days) is great for a pick up in energy and also clearing up the skin. 

Juice cleanses like Ritual Wellness are currently all the rage, but you should talk to your doctor/clinician prior to beginning something of this sort or any dramatic shift of your diet. 

Stock Your Room With Snacks

You're going to get hungry when the dining halls / eating clubs are closed and you don't want to head to Studio 34 to order too many French bread pizzas over the semester. Prepare for the hunger pangs and stock your room with snacks that are not only delicious but extremely helpful. The Her Campus Princeton team is partial to everything and anything from Vitalicious!

 We've only tried the Vitatops which are delicious cookie-like snacks that pair well with milk.

Vitalicious also provides snacks that low calorie alternatives to pizza, buns, muffins, and awesome recipes that are also low calorie/low fat.

Sure the Vitalicious snacks look great but you'll get bored right? You need some snack variety! Her Campus Princeton has got you covered. Barre is a company owned by two ballerinas (isn't the name clever) who have created snack bars for real athletes--each bar is filling, healthy, and chock-full of vitamins and nutrients.

Stay Away from EtOh.

Why drink your calories? If anything, save them for dessert! Push the gatorade, beer, and sugary drinks aside. Try and drink water exclusively (we know it's tough but you'll feel so much better and your skin will thank you!).

Our one exception is alo (we get it from Natural Wayz Wholesale) which is an aloe vera drink that is not only ridiculous delicious (fruit pieces are infused) but extremely low calorie with multiple vitamins to boot!

Get Cute Workout Clothes

If anything can motivate you to go to the gym, it's great gym clothes. No need to wear the basics blacks and greys in Dillon or when you run on the Tow Path, 15love Apparel has great gear that is extremely bright.

Let us know which piece is your favorite in the comment box below!

If you're always rushing over to the gym or from the gym with little time to tidy up, Thomas Kelly is for you!

From the gym to class, Thomas Kelly's preppy workout garb is perfect whether you're on the run or literally on a run. Check out Thomas Kelly and let us know if you would die for their Padaro Pants (HCP's favorite!) or some other part of the inventory!