Event Recap: 2nd Anniversary Mixer

Want to see if we caught you on camera at the event? Check out the photo album here

February 16th Her Campus Princeton celebrated it's second annivesary (February 7th) with 120 collegiettes. We listened to music. We socialized. Downed amazing beverages and ate delicious desserts that we're still talking about (are we alone?). Everyone left with great gear and as a thank you to the many brands that sponsored our event we're going to briefly review our corporate supporters.


Lulu Scarves and Accessories provided the most fabulous items that are still being raved about in Frist Campus Center (yes, we overhear you gals!). The first thirty guests received gift bags provided by Lulu Scarves and Accessories which contained head turbans or headbands; in addition, Lulu Scarves and Accessories provided thirty Her Campus personalized tops as well as eighty black-and-white umbrellas personalized with a pink: "Her Campus." We love seeing y'all on campus with the umbrellas, tops, and turbans (especially you, Farrah!). Let us know what you think of Lulu Scarves and Accessories in the comment box or on our facebook page

Is your closet a mess? Well, attendees of our event received the MyClothing Helper which is a small closet accessory that helps you track when you wore something, how many times you wore something, and how fresh your item of clothing is. All college students could use this (especially around midterms). MyClothing Helper donated 80 samples for the first 80 attendees of the event.

Crowd favorite knotieties sent handcrafted super soft hair ties for all eight of the swag bags we gave away. knotieties designs hair ties and headbands that are not only soft but really good for your hair--the Her Campus Princeton team uses these exclusively. In addition, knotieties provided a raffle item of customized Princeton colored hairties for one raffle winner (there's a great picture in the photo album here)!

One of the favorites of the night, Paxton 1345 designs top-of-the-line boxers of the collegiette and collegent variety. You Princeeton collegiettes definitely are familiar with Paxton 1345 especially because we listed the brand as one of our top five go-to places for Valentine's Day gifts for a fellow pal. Paxton 1345 provided 40 pairs for the event of which 40 lucky attendees of the event were able to take home and enjoy! If you're looking for the right pajamas to keep your all nighter chic, Paxton 1345 is your best best! 

Speaking of all nighters, Java Gum provided eighty packs of Java Gum that were distributed in the swag bags available for the first eighty attendees of the event. With midterms swiftly approaching, we are sure that the gum will come in handy!

It may be stereotypical. It may be girly. Nonetheless, the HCP team loves face masks and no brand does it better than Montagne Jeunesse. Montagne Jeunesse sent 80 facial masks our way in a range of flavors (include chocolate orange!) as well as three spa day kits for three lucky raffle winners. If you haven't tried Montagne Jeunesse we really really really urge that you do so. The face masks feel like a dream #notexxagerating

Skirtin Around provided twenty gift cards for the first twenty attendees of our event. Skirtin Around is the epitome of Hamptoms style and we are sure that y'all would agree. Let us know what you purchase in the comment box below!

You know that at Her Campus we care a lot about fashion but you know that your cell phone can also contribute to your overall look. Confabulous Cases has got you covered with cases that allow you to insert a different design on a daily basis. Confabulous Cases has the Her Campus Princeton stamp of approval  ever since we listed the brand as one of our top five go-to places for Valentine's Day gifts for a fellow pal.

We're all about stacking jewelry and busywrist is our go to for jewelry that can be layered. busywrist sent thirty bracelets of their fan favorites for our anniversary and became one of our favorite brands. If you're in need of arm candy, busywrist provides leather wraps, beaded bracelets, and more that appeal to the tastes of every collegiette. Let us know what your favorite bracelet is on our facebook page or in the comment box below.


Nico and Lala are event extraordinaires but even if you aren't planning an event and have no need for their custom invitations or designed gift bags, Nico and Lala is a wonderful place to shop. Their custom stationary is absolutely sublime and 50 of our guests were able to take home a set of Nico and Lala "note cards" with which to begin building a stationary collection.


You've heard of WWYMD (What Would Your Mother Do?) right? Please say yes! We mentioned earlier that we're a huge fan of the Watch Out for the Bad Guy sweatshirts as a gift to your friend who falls for the wrong guy but has a healthy sense of humor but our love affair with WWYMD does not end with the terry sweaters. The conversation underwear is spirited and comfy. Don't just take our word on it; forty attendees  of our 2nd anniversary mixer agree!

We're a huge fan of pocket tees on campus and we're starting to see them pop up all over the place and we think we know why! Frat Frocket generously provided 30 pocket tees for our guests. Keep wearing these around campus gals! We absolutely love it!



Belmax Saki of Stella and Dot set up shop at our event and we loved it! Did you gals have any favorite pieces?


All of the alo beverages were provided by Nautral Wayz Wholesale and we are a major fan! alo is an aloe vera drink in which bits of fruit are infused and we've mentioned them before in our Jumpstart Fitness Resolutions post! Were you gals fans? 

We're a huge fan of Barre which is  a company owned by two ballerinas (isn't the name clever) who have created snack bars for real athletes--each bar is filling, healthy, and chock-full of vitamins and nutrients. We've seen quite a bit on our Facebook page about how much you gals love the bars! Which flavor was your favorite?

Flour Loves Sugar and Sweet on Hearts provided delectable desserts that the HCP team truly did not want to share but we hope that you enjoyed them! 

Sweet on Hearts was  listed  as one of our top five go-to places for Valentine's Day gifts for a fellow pal. Absolutely delicious!

We always talk about cupcakes but we've moved beyond cupcakes and toward muffins that are entirely underrated. Muffyns sent 80 chocolate chip and banana muffins our way that were absolutely delightful! In addition, Muffyns provided a three-month muffin scription for our raffle


You know that we love Lemon and Line (have we said this enough times?) but we can't help but love them more due to their support of our 2nd anniversary event. Lemon and Line sent six bracelets to be raffled off at our event and four extra that we on the Her Campus Princeton team wear regularly...daily...all the time (except when in the shower). 

La Jolie Salon and Spa is one of the top hair salons in Princeton and we know why! La Jolie is known for edgy and artistic styles that can truly finish off the look. Diane of La Jolie donated one free cut to our winner, Jasmine Edelstein, who happens to be a regular anyway!

Have you been looking for cool Princeton gear to no avail. Believe us, we get it; it's ridiculously hard to find cute collegiette apparel that is not too heavy on the orange or to obasic with the black. Meesh & Mia has got you covered with sequined orange skirts, gameday dresses, and more! We've told you guys that Meesh & Mia is one of our favorites but now you've been able to experience it yourself! Meesh & Mia donated three raffle items: two chic Princeton scarves and one $50 gift card that we sort of wish we kept for ourselves!

I'm sorry, you don't know where to get glittery polish? We've got you covered. Shimmer Polish provided a nail polish set for one lucky winner who now has gorgeous polishes with which to kick off the spring season. 

Our Canadian friends at Girly Bits Polish know nail lacquer and provided 12 nail polishes for one lucky winner at our event. Our personal favorites are anything glitter! Girly Bits has an extremely vast collection! Let us know which color is your favorite in the comment box below!

Emi-Jay, like knotities, is a powerhouse of soft hairties and Emi-Jay is run by two high school seniors (look out for an interview coming next week!) who have a penchant for style and business savvy. Emi-Jay provided a set of emijays for one raffle winner. Talk about awesome!

The other black and white sponsors provided more than one or one raffle item respectively and included:  Green Grab Bag, Pink Pineapple, Perfect Snaque, Turkish-T, Accent Wall Customs, Regina E. Jewelry, Haute Threads Boutique, Thomas Kelly, and Kickboard USA!