Why You Should Attend Hall Retreat

Last weekend, I attended Kenna Hall's Hall Retreat and had an amazing time with everyone there. It was such a great experience and made me appreciate my resident hall that much more. Here are 4 reasons why you should attend your hall retreat.

1. Get to Know Your Fellow Dorm mates

During the week you're rushing to your classes, finishing that assignment that’s due tomorrow and maybe sneaking in a nap or two. There isn’t always enough time to stop and chat with people from your dorm. Hall Retreat gives you the chance to form deeper relationships with girls in your hall and meet people you wouldn't normally bump into on a day-to-day basis. Also, I love all the Resident Assistants, Community Assistants, Faith & Formation Ambassadors and senior hall staff in Kenna, but didn't know most of their names before Hall Retreat. Spending the weekend with these girls, not only did I learn their names but discovered each of their unique personalities. There are endless games and fun activities you can play to get to know people.


2. It’s Basically a Free Vacation

Getting away from the stress of school for the weekend's so relaxing. You can spend your days hiking through the woods and exploring more of Oregon’s natural beauty, or just enjoy your peaceful surroundings while you finish an assignment. It definitely beats being cooped up in the library or your dorm room trying to get work done.


3. You Gain Perspective

Hall Retreat's also about connecting with your faith and gaining perspective. Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed with school and work that you forget why you chose UP and made the decision to leave home. Hearing your Pastoral Resident and FFA leaders share heartfelt stories serves as a great reminder for the strong community you have at UP and all the endless support they provide.


4. You’ll Appreciate Your Residence Hall More

At the end of the retreat, you’ll happily return to campus with a strong feeling of pride for your residence hall and a deeper bond with all the wonderful people that reside there. While Kenna wasn't my first dorm choice, at the end of the retreat I couldn't picture myself living anywhere else. Hall Retreat is full of fun activities, endless adventures and great people, so don't miss out!