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STUDYSPO! Look at These Notes to Get You in the Studying Mood

We get it. Studying can be hard and it can be really boring. I’ll admit, I would rather be watching the new season of Stranger Things instead of taking notes for my stats class.


What if I told you there was a way to make studying actually enjoyable and taking notes could be fun? Well, there is.


If you type in “studyblr”, “studygram” or “studyspo” into Google, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest, it will come up with the most beautiful notes you have ever seen in your entire life. Do it right now. Open another tab, and look this up.


When I first saw these, I convinced myself that I needed to start doing this because I knew I would actually enjoy studying if I did it. It’s super intimidating, to begin with, but with a little time and practice, it becomes second nature!


And instead of showing y’all some studyspo notes from someone that I don’t even know, I thought I would show you some of my friends’ notes! 

These notes are from freshman, Anna Haugen! Anna likes to use bright colors and a set color scheme to keep her notes fun and organized! 

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