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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.

Around this time of year, we see our timelines flooded with couples canoodling on sandy beaches and glamorous girlfriends gallivanting down the Las Vegas strip. What time is it? Spring break time! But here’s the thing; what if you have no extravagant plans for the mid-semester vacation? And what if were you’re headed is back home, which just so happens to rain 9 months out of the year? In that case, your spring break may look a little different than everyone else’s.


You sleep so much that your parents wonder if you’re still breathing 

Those last few weeks have been really rough; what with all the midterm tests, papers, projects and *ahem* social gatherings, you’ve certainly lost a lot of sleep. This may or may not mean you pass out for hours before you realize that you have been unconscious for two days. 


When you actually do get up and do something, the weather will not agree with you

Getting inspiration to go for a trip to the beach or a sunlit walk down by the waterfront? Given the steady rainfall and intermittent gusts of wind (very common to Pacific Northwest areas in mid-March), you’re probably better off staying in for another day or two. 


By this time, it’s day 5, and you still haven’t put on any real clothes 

Sure it may not be socially acceptable, but who are you really trying to impress? At least you didn’t show up at Chilton to drop Rory off dressed like a cowgirl, so who is anyone to judge you in this situation?


If your mom keeps feeding you the way she has been, you’ll have to work that food off until the next vacation

It’s bad enough that you never really reached your ideal goal to work out every day this year, but Mom’s cooking may bring back the freshman 15 halfway through your junior year. While you could cut back a little, Mom’s feelings are way more important! And you’ll definitely work out a lot more when you get back…right?


Suddenly, you’re hit with the urge to do something exciting with your hometown friends before going back to school.

You’ll probably get dressed to go out on the town with a few old friends, only to realize that what you really want to do is catch up on each other’s lives over a 6 pack of La Croix and a rom-com marathon. Oh well, you weren’t really a club kind of person anyway.

All in all, by the end of the break, a true Pacific-Northwesterner will be well fed, well rested and ready for the next few months. And no matter the lack of sunshine and tropical views, the Pacific Northwest could still offer you a majestic adventure; you’ll just have to look in the right places.



Alex Rodgers

Portland '19

Oh, but "baby-fish-mouth" is sweeping the nation