Six Coffee Shops & Teahouses to Check out in Portland!

Fall comes with many changes. Changes in the colors, changes in the weather, changes in clothing style, and changes in the drinks we consume. As Fall has us move inside for warmth, Portland has some cozy and amazing coffee shops with a variety of aesthetics and drinks that will warm you right up. 

If you’re on the search for finding a great study place or setting to relax and talk with friends, here are some suggestions of my favorite coffee shops and teahouses in Portland: 

  • Just Bob on Alberta — Amazing hot chocolate, great place to do homework, serves breakfast & lunch
  • Cathedral on Willamette — Serves really yummy brunch on the weekends, awesome environment to work on assignments
  • Two Stoke Coffee in St. John’s — Serves vegan pastries, display some interesting motorcycle memorabilia 
  • Arbor Lodge Coffee on Rosa Parks — Near campus, good place to do homework, sit & chat with friends
  • Case Study Coffee (multiple locations) — Good coffee, great studying environment
  • Townsend Teahouse on Alberta & Mississippi — If you don’t like tea, Townsend has great tea options, a cozy study or lounging environment

These are a few of my favorite places to go in Portland, especially when the weather gets colder and the semester gets busier. Portland has so many coffee shops and teahouses that provide a variety of experiences. Enjoy!